Why Am I Unable to Log In?

Having login issues?

If you are receiving an error when attempting to log into the new B1G+.  Reset your password using the steps below, and upon completion, you will be able to log in and securely access your B1G+ account and subscription information.


  1. Please visit https://www.bigtenplus.com/en-int/page/forgot-password to request a password reset. 


    Alternatively, from the Home button, you can also click on the Sign In button and click on the Request Password Reset that is below the login box as shown below:

  2. On the Request Password Reset page, type in your email address, then click REQUEST PASSWORD


  3. Check your inbox for an email with the subject line "B1G+: Please confirm your e-mail address before generating a new password"

  4. On the email, click the word "HERE" to be routed back to the website


  5. Type in your password and click REQUEST PASSWORD again


  6. You will then get this confirmation screen:


After this, you may now try logging in on the website again. Please note, you will be prompted to accept the Terms and Conditions of establishing the new Cleeng account. More information on Cleeng has been explained here—Who handles the subscription and payment processing for B1G+?


In case you need further assistance, feel free to submit a request here.

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