How do I cancel my B1G+ subscription?

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If you purchased your B1G+ subscription directly from, you can cancel your subscription with the following methods:


Website Subscription

  1. Self-Service:
    • Sign in to your B1G+ account on
    • then click on "My Account"
    • Look for the subscription you wish to cancel, then, click UNSUBSCRIBE
    • Choose the appropriate reason for cancelling
    • To finalize, click UNSUBSCRIBE again

  2. Via Support: Visit and request assistance to cancel your subscription.

IMPORTANT: If you purchased your B1G+ subscription from within the B1G+ app on a mobile or connected device (an iOS device, an Android device, Roku, or Amazon Fire), the billing of your subscription is handled by the mobile or connected device third-party as well. Please reach out to the respective billers for dispute on payments.


Subscription through third-party billers

You must access your subscription settings in your account with the third-party platform to handle billing issues and submit cancellation requests for your subscription.



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