I want a refund. What is the policy?

Renewal is a nature of digital subscriptions. It is important to cancel the subscription prior the renewal date to stop the charge. There are no refunds are issued for new and existing B1G+ subscribers, with the following specific exceptions:

  1. If your B1G+ subscription was auto-renewed and you request a refund within 7 days of the auto-renewal.  You must request the refund via email or via chat, as it does not happen automatically. 
  2. If you have been double-charged for a single B1G+ subscription.  Please submit an email with both receipts attached that show the date and the amount. Make sure neither receipt reflects a pending charge.  We will refund the second purchase after confirming our system took two successful payments. 

Please be advised that this applies to web purchases only. For B1G+ subscriptions made through iTunes, Google Play, Roku, and Amazon, you will need to contact each platform's respective App Store support center/email for assistance with your refund request.  


You will know this applies if you see iTunes, Google, Roku, and Amazon on your bank statement or payment confirmation email.  When the point-of-sale is one of these app stores, subscription billing and management are also handled by the respective app store per their requirements. 

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